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We are Youth Empowerment Services (YES), a registered non-profit organization in downtown New Brunswick, New Jersey. We are committed to helping children and youth reach their highest potential through a variety of life-transforming programs.

Our Programs

X-Cite Nite

Access to Education


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Sports Programming

Teen Academic Coaching Services (TACS)

OASIS Summer Camp


Mentors Assisting Children


Our Impact

 300 + 

 600 + 

 2,700 + 

 44,000 + 

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 1,550 hours 



Before YES, I was getting in trouble at school, at home and had legal problems. Now I am doing a lot better and my family, friends and neighbors see the difference. I even have a job and have become a role model for my little brother.

I have seen firsthand what YES and their supporters have done for the children in this area. YES has impacted these children and families in every area- socially, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Without YES some of these children would be lost to the streets. Thank God for YES.

The work of YES is an important part of the city of New Brunswick's network of after school programs for our kids and teens.

Through its mentorship and tutoring programs, the staff of YES and its volunteers offer city youth a safe and constructive environment in which to work with tutors, engage in creative activities, play, and consider their future opportunities.

Supportive after school programs provided by YES give our kids the opportunity to explore their interests and make real plans for the future, guided by adults with their best interest in mind. This is an important community resource for our young people to have available to them to ensure a bright future.

- Mayor Cahill of New Brunswick

YES and Mr. Barry have done so much for my family. Not only does YES provide activities afterschool and in the evening for my neighborhood, they also have helped my family at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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