Mentors Assisting Children


YES assists at-risk children in New Brunswick by connecting them with committed and caring mentors and ensuring that they have the support and networks to build life-transforming relationships. The mentor and mentee meet for at least one hour per week for a duration of at least a year. Activities can be reflective and personal – like taking a walk at Boyd Park and grabbing pizza at a local restaurant –, high energy and social - like attending a free concert or baseball game, or educational – like going to a museum. The mentor exposes the child to new and positive opportunities and helps the mentee grow into a confident and successful young adult. By committing to a long-term relationship, the mentor can develop a level of trust and assist the mentee’s physical, intellectual, and emotional growth.

What is the history behind the MAC program? 


YES originally created Mentors Assisting Children (MAC) to help children of incarcerated parents, a group particularly at-risk of behavioral problems and poor academic performance. Soon after, YES identified immigrant children whose parents were detained or deported as a second at-risk group and expanded the program to include them. Today, MAC is open to all children at risk of social, emotional, and behavioral problems whose parents or caregivers believe that their children can benefit from additional support and positive influence from adult mentors in the community.



Success Story


Don, a YES tutor, and Mario, a student, decided to join the MAC program together after developing a positive relationship through the afterschool tutoring program. During weekly meet-ups, Don learned that Mario dreamed of returning to his native Mexico and becomng a car mechanic. Don decided to take Mario to a local Vo-Tech high school for an open house. Don helped Mario work on his application and the following September, Mario began his freshman year at the Vo-Tech high school. Through Mario was inspired by positive encouragement to work hard in school and build a better future for himself.

What are the requirements to participate in the MAC program?



Must be between ages 5 - 18.

Must be a resident in Middlesex County, especially New Brunswick.

Must have parental or caregiver permission.

Must be willing to maintain consistent communication with the mentor for the next year.

Must complete the MAC Mentee Enrollment Application.


Prospective Mentors:

Must be 18 and older.

Must be able to commit one full year or more.

Must be able to meet with the mentee at least one  hour per week and submit weekly reports.

Must complete a background check.

Must complete a two-hour mentoring training session.

Must complete the MAC Mentor Enrollment Application.

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