Who We Are


YES provides safe haven and life transforming programs to the children of New Brunswick, New Jersey. We are located in a diverse neighborhood with an underserved population where many children come from low-income families. YES invests in the youth of this community through after school tutoring, summer camp, one-on-on mentoring, and sports and recreational programming.


​YES's mission is to empower and equip New Brunswick youth through academic support, caring relationships, and Christian spiritual development to become healthy leaders.


Barry Smith and Jeffrey Hayes, Jr. founded YES in 2003. YES has expanded programming steadily to meet specific community needs. YES initially focused on providing productive, after school activities for at-risk New Brunswick youth, but learned quickly that support was needed throughout the year. Soon after, YES began the Oasis Summer Camp to provide positive programming during summer break. In 2008, YES added a mentoring program to connect at-risk youth to strong role models.


In 2009, YES acquired its current space on George Street and, for the first time, had a residence of its own to provide services. YES used this space to host partnerships programs that further assisted the surrounding area, including ESL programs, resume workshops, and children's mental health counseling. In addition, YES began providing daily after school tutoring.

Today, YES exists as a full-scale community support nonprofit. Its strong ties to the surrounding community and low-income families in New Brunswick allow it to serve as a hub of support for children and parents in New Brunswick.

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